Comfort comes in a surprising package

Springfield | November 16, 2018
This Beanie Baby (TM) named Luke meant something special to a mom and her three-year-old.
To a little one’s mama, it was reminder that God cares about the little things

Have you ever been part of a mini miracle or a “God wink?” Sean Jackson, an emergency room technician at PeaceHealth in Springfield, Oregon, was the night he helped Courtney Frainee and her three-year-old son, Luke.

Luke was experiencing some painful digestive problems, prompting a late night trip to the ER at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend.

“It was a scary and painful time for him,” says his mom. “We were so fortunate that the first caregiver we interacted with that night (Sean) immediately set the tone for a positive experience.”

After taking the little guy’s vital signs, Sean asked Luke what kind of animals he liked. Kitties and puppies came the answer. Sean said he’d be right back.

When he returned, Sean was just shaking his head and smiling. “You’re not going to believe this,” he told Courtney as he handed a Beanie Baby ® puppy to her son.  “Look at his nametag.”

The name of the toy was…Luke.

“This small gesture and great coincidence did wonders for calming my sweet boy. It was a happy distraction and an impactful reminder for me — his mama — that God cares about the little things too,” Courtney says,

“That stuffed puppy wasn’t some grand instrument of physical healing, but it was a gentle touch to Luke’s heart (and mine) that was desperately needed. Thank you, Sean, for being the vehicle for that touch.”

Courtney says her son has been doing better with additional follow-up care. He calls his new companion “Luke Puppy” and has taken it to several appointments since the night in the ER. “He thinks it is so special!”