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Caring presence eases passing

Vancouver | May 31, 2018
This caregiver was not about to let a patient she knew die alone

“Your love never fails. It never gives up. It never runs out on me.” These lyrics from a popular faith song might describe Carol Williamson, a nurse and complex care coordinator in the outpatient high-risk case management program for PeaceHealth in Vancouver, Washington.

When Carol learned one of the clinic’s patients she knew well, was expected to die that night, she wanted to be sure he wouldn’t be alone.

After work, Carol went to stay with the patient at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, prepared to spend the night by the dying man’s side.

His family was far away and very sad that they were unable to be there before he passed. Carol’s presence with their loved one helped ease the family’s burden and concern.  She was able to arrange for his sister to say her goodbyes. Then, for the next several hours, Carol stayed next to him until his passing.

Dr. Laurie Morrison, clinical bioethicist at PeaceHealth Southwest, noted “It is really remarkable” when describing Carol’s care in action for this patient…grace-filled care that made sure his last breath wouldn’t be taken without someone by his side.

Remarkable care. Care that won’t fail, won’t give up and never runs out. It’s the type of care Carol provided and the type of care we’d all want in the end.

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