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Caregiver rescues pair in parking predicament

Springfield | May 31, 2018
Parking isn’t in his job title, but he happily went out of his way to help

You know that feeling when you’re waiting for a break in traffic so you can finally pull out of your parking place?

Then you can totally relate to an elderly couple during their visit to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon. They were trying to back out of a parking spot, but it wasn’t going well.

Wade Owens, supervisor of environmental services at the campus, noticed the difficulty they were having and quickly trotted over to lend a hand.

Positioning himself in the main driving lane, Wade stood to the side, directing traffic until the couple could safely back their car out of the space.

They then rolled down their window and thanked Wade, who responded with a “no problem” and asked if he could do anything else for them.

There was. They wondered if he might direct them to parking for a nearby specialty clinic. As he started to share verbal directions, he realized they weren’t familiar with the campus.

What he did next was customer service with a cherry on top. He asked them to just follow him as he walked in front of their car, taking them right to the entrance of the parking garage. They parted with Wade wishing them a great day as he waved farewell.

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