A best friend in the worst times

Ketchikan | January 6, 2017
ED nurse manager strives to make things better

When things go wrong, you can be certain to see at least one person in the midst of it, trying to make things better.

Bev Crum, RN, is the nurse manager of emergency services at PeaceHealth’s Ketchikan Medical Center. To those who work with her, she’s “the backbone” of the department.

Over her 40-year career as a nurse, she also has a reputation for helping to plan and prepare for disasters. Considering this community is well acquainted with the need to fend for itself, that work is invaluable and will pay off for years to come.

Numerous PeaceHealth staff, leaders and local residents point to Bev’s propensity for “always smiling” as one of her hallmarks. Given her line of work, that has to qualify as a super power. Smiling when things are good is one thing. Smiling when they’re not, is a whole other skill.

She consistently encourages her staff to keep growing, expanding their education and being their best. It’s a great forward-thinking way to make an impact on many lives for many years. Even traveler nurses just passing through, appreciate Bev’s heart of gold and the way she makes them feel “at home.”

Bev is a tireless advocate for patients and the larger community. Through her compassionate nursing care, she shows a deep level of respect, particularly for those having a tough time in life.

In good times or bad, Bev is one person we’d all want to have by our side.