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Community Health

Community Health at PeaceHealth

At PeaceHealth, we recognize that the journey to health and well-being is constant. Driven by our belief that good health, prevention and community wellbeing is a fundamental right, we work with communities to provide Hope, Care, Housing and Nourishment.

Our Community Impact

PeaceHealth’s 130-year legacy is rooted in community-based partnerships that enable us to address social determinants of health based on local assessments related to improving care and overall community wellbeing. PeaceHealth has been offering forward thinking service delivery and a commitment to implementing change in our communities for years through the lens of access, quality, stewardship, collaboration and health justice.


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Our Focus Areas

Unify all PeaceHealth locations to direct and prioritize community health investments in resources and relationships focused on the following social determinants of health.


Addressing Food Insecurities

Enhance family and child wellbeing to address food insecurities and to nourish our communities.

Access to healthy affordable food is a critical issue affecting children and families across our communities. Our Mission and Core values call on us to nourish the health of our communities, not just because we believe everyone should have access to nutritious food, but also because food insecurity can lead to a lifetime of consequences. There is a clear connection between food insecurity and high levels of stress, poor nutrition and chronic diet-related diseases, like obesity and diabetes.

Our PeaceHealth initiatives include:

  • Expand food pantry and food access programs across all locations
  • Promote equitable access to food resources
  • Reduce food insecurity in our communities.
  • Grow investments in Health Coach programming to scale community health work and extend impact on targeted populations in need


Increasing Housing Access

Improve access to supportive housing as good health is homeward bound.

Lack of affordable housing and instability are major challenges across many of the communities Housing challenges often occur alongside poverty and food insecurity, together imperiling the well-being of affected households and the community as a whole. We directly invest in housing to advance our communities forward, including the development of housing that is supportive, affordable, respite specific, service-enriched, homeless prevention focused. We pride ourselves on making sure that all our housing investments integrate social services agencies and nonprofit organizations to address community wellness and housing instability.

Our PeaceHealth initiatives include:

  • Advance system wide investments in respite beds
  • Scale supportive housing models in partnership with local communities
  • Increase knowledge and engagement in workforce housing efforts and partnerships
  • Identify and maximize land and resource donations and systemic partnerships


Advancing Community Care

Increase knowledge, access and engagement with community caregivers bridging the gap between hospital and home.

The provision of preventative, holistic healthcare demands that we go beyond the walls of our hospitals and deeper into our communities to engage patients in the context of their everyday lives and address the social, economic and behavioral factors that impact their health. This can be especially true when patients leave our direct care and return home and must manage their own health. Our overall goal is to create supportive environments where patients develop the skills and supportive community relationships needed to manage their health to prevent repeat emergency department or urgent care visits.

Our PeaceHealth initiatives include:

  • Increase access to Community Caregivers including Community Health Workers
  • Invest and support efforts to build upon Medicaid transformation Initiatives
  • Scale programming for mobile healthcare options
  • Subsidize and support prevention, education and awareness programs that promote safety and decrease readmittance rates


Expanding Care Options

Expand education and access to treatment and prevention of dependency.

In service to our Mission, PeaceHealth is working in collaboration with community partners to halt the opioid epidemic and bring healing to patients and families suffering from substance use disorder and chronic pain. The opioid epidemic impacts every segment of our society—young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural. In addition to targeting opioid and substance use dependency, our community health team targets overall behavioral health strategies to improving community wellness and health justice.

Our PeaceHealth initiatives include:

  • Increase availability and access to overdose prevention kits and prevention programming
  • Integrate and advance trauma informed care to all hospitals and clinics and community programming.
  • Increase community partnerships for care transitions to treatment programs
  • Subsidize health education materials in schools and community organizations.


  • Community Health Needs Assessment

    Our Community Health Needs Assessments guide our investments. Conducted every three years in partnership with local communities, these tools assist us in identifying and addressing community needs and gaps in resources. This allows PeaceHealth to maximize our impact and target our investments where they will make the most lasting change.

  • Community Health Improvement Plans

    Our vision at PeaceHealth is that our communities and everyone within them lives their best lives. This means targeting efforts to aid in health justice, equity, access, care and community impact. We are committed to strong community built plans that measure progress and evaluate our impact towards those results.

  • Healthy You

    PeaceHealth’s Healthy You program provides classes, tools and tips to help and inspire you on your health journey.