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Community Health Needs Assessment

The Affordable Care Act, enacted March 23, 2010, added a new requirement that all nonprofit hospitals conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) in order to maintain their tax-exempt status.

Each hospital must conduct an assessment every three years and adopt an implementation strategy to meet the needs identified. In a system such as PeaceHealth, where we have more than one hospital, each individual hospital must conduct a separate community health needs assessment. 

Supporting Health Equity & Health Justice For All

From our very beginning to the present day, PeaceHealth has been driven by our belief that good health, prevention and community well-being are fundamental rights.  We support health equity and health justice for all and are especially called to be in service to the most vulnerable members of our community. We are called to promote inherent dignity, the common good and solidarity across our care system.

A Collaborative Effort

At PeaceHealth, one of our core values is collaboration. The Community Health Needs Assessment is a true example of community collaboration. We see our CHNA report as much more than a requirement or obligation. Through these reports, we present the story of our dedication and service to the community and people we serve. Beyond traditional medical services and care, we are committed to helping people in need. We value the involvement, cooperation and creativity of our community partners as we work together to promote the health of our community.

The CHNA identifies areas of greatest health need within our community. Together with our partners, we will work to improve personal and community health, consistent with our mission and values.

The following is the list of communities served by PeaceHealth with the CHNA report for each location. CHNA documents are presented in PDF format.


PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center


PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center
PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center - Florence
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, RiverBend - Springfield
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District - Eugene


PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center - Vancouver
PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center - Longview
PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center - Bellingham
PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center - Friday Harbor
PeaceHealth United General Medical Center - Sedro-Woolley