Privilege Form Questions

Q: What are privilege forms?

A: The Joint Commission accreditation standards require hospitals have privilege forms that indicate the type of care, treatment and services, or procedures that a practitioner will be authorized to perform.   

Upon applying for initial appointment or reappointment, practitioners complete a privilege form indicating what privileges or procedures they want to perform at PeaceHealth St. Joseph.  

PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s privilege forms include two types of privileges: (1) Core privileges are those privileges that are routinely taught in most residency programs. Practitioners that meet the threshold criteria for the specialty are qualified to request core privileges; (2) Advanced privileges are procedures that require additional training or special competence.  Additional documentation is required to demonstrate competence within the past two years.    

Q: How are privilege forms developed?

A: Physicians within each specialty assist with the development of privilege forms. For example, a group of family medicine physicians review and make recommendations on the Family Medicine privilege form, cardiologists review and make recommendations on the Cardiac Services form, etc.  

Q: Why do I have to submit documentation of cases performed when I have already been granted the privilege to perform the procedure?

A: The Joint Commission accreditation standards require that hospitals determine a practitioner’s current competency at reappointment.  PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s privilege form format identifies advanced privileges as those that require additional documentation of competence. Documentation criteria and privilege forms are established by the medical staff.