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Privilege Reappointment at St. Joseph

All practitioners are required to undergo the reappointment process every two years. This process verifies a practitioner’s current competency and overall performance to ensure we’re providing safe, evidence-based, compassionate care to every patient.

An application for reappointment will be provided to practitioners at least four months prior to the expiration of their current appointment term. A completed reappointment application must be returned to our office within 30 days.

The application will be reviewed by our office to determine that all questions have been answered and that the individual satisfies all eligibility criteria for reappointment and for the clinical privileges requested.

Next, we’ll forward the practitioner’s application to the relevant department chair and the application for reappointment will be processed through the full Credentials Committee and the Medical Executive Committee.

Once an application is deemed complete, the guideline processing time period is 90 days. Ninety days is a benchmark that enables extra time if verification sources do not respond in a timely manner, or if clarification of application discrepancies is required.