Patient Referral

Treating a chronic wound has its own set of unique requirements. Our Wound Healing Center is equipped to meet them all.  The physicians at the Wound Healing Center use specialized techniques, and they follow established processes known to provide consistent, successful results. We have the necessary dressings, supplies and staffing to heal your patient’s wound. Our team will work with your patient to identify the underlying cause and discuss prevention of future wounds. We will supply you with comprehensive progress reports throughout the wound healing process. These reports detail the wound’s progress, including images of the wound from the beginning stages of the healing process through the patient’s discharge. Once the wound is healed, the patient will return to you for follow-up care. 

Patient Referral Form

Please download our Patient Referral Form​ ​(pdf) for use by physicians and other healthcare providers. 

If you are a patient, please contact your provider to handle your referral or simply contact the Wound Healing Center for a self-referral.​​​