Going Home

On the day you're scheduled to return home, the Childbirth Center care team will prepare you and your baby for discharge.  Most discharges occur by late morning.  Leaving earlier in the day allows for an easier and safer transition home for several reasons, including:

  • Arriving home during daylight hours 
  • Provider offices are open (both for mom and baby)
  • Easier for your support/family to help and visit
  • Less stressful for young brothers and sisters
  • You're home and settled; family members can get prescriptions and last minute needs for you and your baby

Please talk with your nurse about your plans to go home. They will provide you with any special instructions to help you continue to take good care of your baby at home. You will also receive educational materials to read after you get home.  

What to Expect

To ensure a healthy and successful return home, patients at the Childbirth Center attend a postpartum discharge class.  The group session is facilitated by a registered nurse.  This class gives you an opportunity to learn more and ask questions about what to expect when you return home, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Bleeding
  • Care of stitches
  • Exercise
  • Sexual activity
  • Postpartum blues
  • Baby care​

Car Seat

Don’t forget to bring a properly fitted car seat. Not only does a properly installed seat prevent injury and save lives, Washington state law requires children to ride in a car seat. Learn more about car seat safety at Safe Kids Worldwide.