Fibromyalgia syndrome is a disorder that causes pain, tenderness and stiffness in the muscles. 



  • Sleep disorders with non-restorative sleep
  • Tingling and burning sensations 
  • Memory problems 
  • Headaches 
  • Irritable bowel and bladder syndromes 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Anxiety/depression 
  • Sensitivity to medications 
  • Intolerance to heat, cold, noise, and light


The current diagnostic criteria presented by the American College of Rheumatology (1990) states that the following indicators must be present for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia: 

  • Wide-spread pain involving muscles of four quadrants, including the trunk, which has been present for at least three months. 
  • Excessive tenderness of 11 out of 18 tender points.    

Patient Education

Our program provides comprehensive patient education over the course of eight visits, usually within six weeks. 
Topics covered, include: 
  • Conditioning program via walking or aquatic exercises 
  • Gentle strengthening exercises 
  • Pacing strategies 
  • Proper posture and body mechanics training 
  • Proper stretching technique and individualized stretching program 
  • Relaxation techniques and abdominal breathing 
  • Sleep strategies 
  • Stress management considerations 
  • Trigger point release 
  • Use of home modalities (heat/cold) and other symptom-reducing techniques
​Participants of our program report improved symptom management, improved sleep, decreased use of medication, improved tolerance to daily activities and increased sense of self-efficacy or belief in one’s own ability to cope.