Billing & Financial

Financial Assistance

PeaceHealth provides necessary healthcare at no charge or at a reduced charge to those who meet the financial need requirements. Visit our Charity Care page for more information

Additionally, our Medication Assistance Program, staffed by a registered nurse, helps patients who have no insurance and limited income. Cardiologist will refer eligible patients to this program. We work with several drug companies to get patients set-up with the help they need.  

If you have questions about billing, assignment or other issues related to your account, contact Business/Account Services


You should be familiar with the terms of your insurance coverage. Visit our Billing Information page to learn more about our billing procedures. It’s important that you bring a current copy of your insurance card/medical coupon to your appointments. 

We are considered an in-network provider for many prevalent insurance providers in our community. Please contact your plan prior to your appointment to determine benefits.

We are committed to providing cost effective care to all of our patients and continue to contract with new insurance networks. Contact Business/Account Services to determine whether or not we are currently in-network or may be in the future.

Please also keep in mind that some insurance carriers may require a referral or pre-authorization from your primary care provider before you are seen by a specialist or undergo certain imaging procedures. Whenever possible, we attempt to ensure that referrals or prior authorizations have been requested or received before you come in for your appointment, but ultimately, it is the patient's responsibility to insure that the referral is in place. If you are uncertain whether or not your plan requires referrals, please contact your insurance provider.