Cardiovascular Diagnostic Testing

On-Site Diagnostic Procedures

We provide a complete array of comprehensive cardiac imaging for all outpatient needs in one location. This improves ease of access and convenience for our patients. When presented with accurate information, our cardiologists know when their patients are at high risk and may need heart bypass or other invasive procedures, or whether the patient is at low risk and can be treated with medicine alone.

Patients who require cardiac work-ups or other diagnostic tests prior to undergoing surgery can have those tests performed in a clinic setting and receive prompt follow-up to any abnormal results. 

Our diagnostics team are experts in:
  • Diagnosing heart disease with accuracy.
  • Identifying an individual’s risk to determine if further testing is necessary.
  • Diagnosing valvular heart disease and determining timing of surgery.

Our accredited imaging center provides unprecedented image quality. This is achieved through a combination of specialized technologists, advanced equipment and skilled cardiologists. 

Off-Site Diagnostic Procedures

Imaging tests that are not performed onsite are generally referred to Mt. Baker Imaging. Several of Mt. Baker Imaging’s locations are conveniently located near the Cardiovascular Center.