Heart Surgery

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s heart surgery program continues to offer the latest in bypass surgery techniques that reduce risk and speed recovery for patients. We offer several services, including: 

Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery & Beating-Heart Bypass Surgery

Experience has demonstrated lower operative risk and faster recovery in these patients as compared to conventional coronary artery bypass. During traditional bypass surgery, the heart-lung machine pump takes over blood oxygenation and circulation while the heart is stopped. Using the pump, which is considered an invasive procedure, can increase the possibility of stroke and temporary brain impairment. So, if a patient meets criteria, surgery is performed on a beating heart without the use of the pump. This reduces risk of stroke. 
Off-pump bypass surgery can be used in conjunction with the larger incision through the breastbone or with the smaller incision between ribs. With this minimally invasive technique, it is not unusual for bypass surgery patients to go home after only two days in the hospital, compared to five days for traditional bypass surgery.