Behavioral Health

Inpatient Admission Criteria

  1. Level of self-harm risk: Must be safe to be on a voluntary unit, not requiring 1:1 observation and able to contract for safety.
  2. Risk to others: Must be safe and appropriate for group milieu.
  3. Mental status: Patients who are cognitively impaired by delusional/paranoid thought processes, dementia, psychosis, neurological dysfunction or otherwise have barriers to active participation in group milieu may not be appropriate for this program.
  4. Medical status: Cannot have an unstable medical condition, nor one which would prevent active participation in the treatment program.
  5. Patient interest/motivation: Must be able to state willingness to participate fully in treatment program and adhere to unit policies.


Note: If eligibility is not met (or patient presents outside of intake hours) and urgent hospitalization/assessment is necessary patient may be assessed for admission observation at North 

Campus or admission to 2-North Mental Health Unit.