The Nutrition and Diabetes Program

Diabetes Monitoring and Management Assistance

"Working together for the best outcome"

Self-Blood Glucose Monitoring

We provide clients with blood glucose meters and training in how to use them effectively. Reinforcement of testing times, blood glucose goals, ranges and actions to take when goals are not met.

Medication Management

With clinician direction we can reinforce, guide adjustments and evaluate effectiveness of diabetes medications and insulin regimes.

Insulin Delivery Systems

  • Multiple daily injections: Utilize our knowledge of insulin types, properties and injection patterns to adjust insulin regimes to be more effective and provide the best fit for the client lifestyle and abilities.
  • Insulin Pens: Pen starter kits and training for insulin pen delivery systems provided by educators certified in insulin pen delivery systems. 
  • Insulin Pump Program: You choose the insulin pump that’s best for you, we will work with the pump company to bring in Certified Insulin Pump Trainers to work closely with client and clinician to get the best results. Our Certified Diabetes Educators can provide ongoing follow up.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

The CGMS records glucose readings every five minutes for three days or more. The instruction and insertion of the sensor is done by our Certified CGMS trainer. The information is downloaded to a computer for analysis and interpretation. This information is invaluable in making insulin adjustments for clients who are having difficulty achieving good control.