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Travel is an important part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.  We encourage dialysis patients to travel for business or pleasure when circumstances and medical condition allow.  Changing your routines and seeing new places is refreshing and can lift your spirits.  Travel allows you to stay close to special people in your life.  Travel can also make you feel like you’re living a more normal life.

Start planning your travel early.  Some facilities need a few weeks to fit in a traveler.  Others need a few months or even a year. Your Office Coordinator can give you a list of facilities in the area you want to visit or you can research facilities on the web.  You may have to drive to a nearby city if there is no unit where you will be.  Call the unit and see if they have available times for the dates you wish to visit.  Have your home unit address, phone number, and Social Worker name ready because forms must be sent to your home facility for completion.

In an effort to accommodate your dialysis needs during your travel, we request that you notify us of your plans no later than six (6) weeks prior to your date of departure.  This amount of time is necessary so that the information can be obtained and submitted to your vacation dialysis site for their review.

 Facilities require a great deal of medical data including updated lab work and often a recent HIV screening.  In addition, please remember that you may be required to hand carry copies of your last three dialysis treatment flow sheets.  Please obtain copies of these prior to departing on vacation.  Always have your doctor’s phone number with you in the event of emergencies.  Carry an Emergency Instruction Sheet with your condition, allergies, medicines, and what to do if you are found unconscious.  Keep it in your wallet with your insurance card at all times.  Notify the transplant center if you are on the transplant waiting list.

Please review/print the Visitor Form.

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