Mission and Vision

Our Mission

A Child’s Place will strengthen children and families by identifying and coordinating local treatment, services, and support, and by emphasizing prevention, early intervention and education.

A Child’s Place will change a generation... one child at a time.

Vision for a Child's Place

A Child’s Place will be the focal point for our community’s commitment to children and families. It will allow health and behavioral health professionals to share and learn together so they can continually improve the work they do on behalf of children and adolescents. It will empower parents and professionals to be effective partners.

A Child’s Place will be a center for ensuring that assessments address multiple life domains that focus on the whole child and his or her individual environment. Assessments will result in treatment recommendations and support plans that can be delivered with a reasonable expectation of success.

It will be known for its challenge to change a generation. It will strengthen families and reduce the number of at-risk children/adolescents in our community. It will provide opportunities for individual, group, and community education.

A Child’s Place will support "village-like" teams, find resources, and shape individualized service packages that are tailored to the particular needs of the child.