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Through PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center, PeaceHealth Medical Group's Longview Surgical Group, Longview Radiologists, and our affiliated partners (such as Oregon Health Sciences University), the Kearney Breast Center offers the region's most comprehensive services available.

We image over 13,000 women a year, and offer additional services including:

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Mammography - A mammogram is an x-ray test of the breasts used to screen for breast problems, such as a lump, and whether a lump is fluid-filled (a cyst) or a solid mass.

A mammogram is done to help screen for or detect breast cancer. Many small tumors can be seen on a mammogram before they can be felt by a woman or her health professional. Cancer is most easily treated and cured when it is discovered in an early stage. Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer or reduce a woman's risk of developing cancer. However, regular mammograms can reduce a woman's risk of dying from breast cancer by detecting a cancer when it is more easily treated. Learn more about mammography.

Stereotactic biopsy uses a special type of x-ray during a core needle biopsy to find the area of the breast where the biopsy sample will be taken. This technique can check a lump that cannot be felt on breast examination but is seen on mammogram or ultrasound. A small incision is then made in the skin of the breast, and the core needle is guided by the x-ray to the biopsy site to take a tissue sample. Stereotactic biopsy may not be appropriate for all types of breast lumps. Learn more about breast biopsy

Stereotactic Video

Stereotactic Video

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