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Weight Loss for Life

Lose weight fast and build healthier routines that last with Weight Loss for Life (HMR), a clinically proven plan that’s been available in hospitals since 1983.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the support and accountability you need to lose a lot of weight quickly, while learning how to adopt the lifestyle skills that matter most for better health and quality of life.

Join one of our fall specials!

If you’re ready to get your weight and health back on track after summer, now is a great time to join. We are offering three specials to help you get started. 

Phase 1: Join by October 31 and save $100

Phase 2: Join by October 25 and save $30

2021 Boot Camp: October 12 - November 9 

Fast, Significant Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is motivating and can help you stick to the diet longer, which can lead to more weight loss in a shorter amount of time. U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked the program created by HMR and offered by Weight Loss for Life as a #1 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet.

How the Program Works

  • Simple plan – Diet without decisions using a nutritionally complete plan of HMR weight-loss foods. (Fruits and vegetables included on some plans.)
  • Learn new skills – Using the science of behavior change, start making new routines around healthier eating and physical activity.
  • Get coaching and support – Weekly classes, digital resources, and a mobile app provide extra support and accountability.
  • Maintain after the diet – Reduce reliance on HMR foods and transition to a long-term healthy eating plan. 

Learn more about the Program


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This facility has been recognized by Health Management Resources® (HMR®) with a Gold Standard Award, given to the top 5 affiliate programs in the nation.

Weight Loss for LIfe is an official licensee of the HMR Program, a non-surgical, clinic-based diet named a “Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss.” U.S. News’ Best Diets panel of nutrition experts ranked the HMR Program, but did not evaluate any products or services of Weight Loss for LIfe itself.

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