Finding the source

Pain may result from injury, illness, or even aging. As part of your care, your interventional pain specialist reviews:
  • your medical record
  • reports from laboratory, x-rays, or other imaging technology
  • any medications you are currently taking
  • physical, occupational or other therapies you may have had
Your interventional pain specialist may request more tests, examinations or studies to help narrow down the possibilities.

Anesthetic nerve blocks are one method used to help understand the source of pain.

You might receive an injection of an anesthetic directly into a bundle of nerves. The anesthetic prevents nerves from sending pain signals to the brain, just like the freezing or numbing that happens when you are injected with anesthetic in the dentist's office. It may provide temporary relief. If the nerve block works, it may help identify affected nerves and help your interventional pain specialist develop a better treatment plan.