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Nephrology (Kidney Care)

Your kidneys are small organs that perform a big job in your body. They remove waste products from your blood to make urine. They also make hormones that create red blood cells, control blood pressure and keep your bones strong.

When something goes wrong with a kidney, it can affect the whole body. Early signs of kidney disease include high blood pressure, bloody urine or swollen feet and ankles. Without the right treatments, kidneys may stop working.

Fortunately, nephrologists (kidney specialists) at PeaceHealth help manage kidney problems. Our goal is to diagnose and treat you quickly, to help you avoid long-term problems such as kidney failure.

Nephrology (kidney care) at PeaceHealth

Find comprehensive care for kidney disease at PeaceHealth.

Complete care for kidney disorders

People with kidney disease often have other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Our complete approach lets you access a whole team of specialists who put your health first.

Remote blood pressure monitoring

If your blood pressure is hard to control, we can track it 24/7 with a wearable device. Continuous monitoring gives a complete picture of blood pressure changes throughout the day or night. These may include times when you’re active, resting and sleeping. It also helps confirm whether new medicine types or doses are working.

Convenient dialysis choices

Our hemodialysis unit is run by a team of nephrologists, nurses, dietitians and social workers. We also offer home training for continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis. This lets you have dialysis overnight, while you sleep in your own bed.

Minimally invasive surgery

PeaceHealth offers robotic surgery to treat kidney cancer. Using a procedure called partial nephrectomy, our surgeons can remove just the tumor — not the whole kidney. This may also lead to fewer scars, less pain and faster recovery.

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