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Intensive Care

When you or a loved one needs intensive medical care, it’s comforting to know critical care services are nearby.

PeaceHealth provides expert care for people who need around-the-clock monitoring or have difficulty breathing on their own. This includes patients who are recovering from serious illnesses, traumatic injuries or complex surgeries.

The team members at PeaceHealth have advanced training in critical care and life support. They include:

  • Intensive care doctors (intensivists)
  • Critical care nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Registered dietitians
  • Rehabilitation specialists

We also offer intensive care for newborns and children, and specialty ICUs for adults who need advanced heart, lung, brain or spine care.

If you’re admitted to a PeaceHealth ICU, we’ll work hard to keep you well-cared for and your loved ones well-informed.

Intensive care at PeaceHealth

The caregivers at PeaceHealth are committed to your health, safety and comfort.

Flexible visiting hours

At PeaceHealth, you may visit patients in the ICU nearly any time of day or night. We only limit visitors during nursing shift changes.

An experienced team

The ICU doctors at PeaceHealth specialize in internal medicine and critical care medicine. Some also have extra training in pulmonary medicine. And our ICU nurses have advanced training in critical care with certifications in advanced cardiac life support.

Your recovery matters most

When you’re healthy enough to leave the ICU, you may need physical, occupational or speech therapy. The certified therapists at PeaceHealth can help you get stronger.  They can also help with speech or swallowing problems or teach you useful ways to manage the tasks needed in day-to-day living.

Advanced trauma care and recovery

We serve patients all over the region. If you or a loved one needs trauma care, you can take comfort knowing we’ve treated very critical and complex injuries.

Treatments Provided

Brain and spine intensive care

Specialists in our neuro ICU care for people with serious brain or spine problems. These include stroke, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. 

Family support (intensive care)

When your loved one is in the ICU, it’s natural to feel worried or overwhelmed. That’s why members of the team are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We’ll keep you up to date on your loved one’s progress, so you know what to expect in the hours or days ahead. 

Heart and vascular intensive care

Patients who had a heart attack, heart failure or major heart surgery may stay in our cardiac ICU. It offers advanced cardiac monitoring by caregivers who have extra training in heart problems.

Neonatal intensive care

Our Level [II/III/IV] NICU cares for infants who were born too early, have a health problem or need help adjusting to life outside the womb. The team at PeaceHealth includes neonatologists and neonatal nurses.

Palliative care (intensive care)

Palliative care helps keep people as comfortable as possible during a serious illness. It helps improve physical symptoms like pain, fatigue or shortness of breath. And it can help reduce mental and emotional side effects such as anxiety or depression. 

Pediatric intensive care

PeaceHealth treats children and teens who are in the hospital with serious illnesses or injuries. We provide a high level of pediatric care in a supportive, child-friendly environment. 

Pulmonary intensive care

Pulmonologists (lung specialists) care for patients who have serious lung problems. These include pneumonia, lung cancer and pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lung). We also treat respiratory failure caused by an illness, injury or drug or alcohol overdose.

Social work (intensive care)

Having a serious illness can be life-changing. Social workers help patients and family members cope with challenges and find support. We can arrange home health care services, refer you to community resources or help you get answers about insurance. 

Spiritual care (intensive care)

For many people, spiritual care provides comfort and calm during times of stress or uncertainty. Our chaplains are available to talk, listen and offer prayer or sacraments.

Surgical intensive care

The surgical ICU team at PeaceHealth cares for people who need constant monitoring after major surgery. You may need intensive care after surgery to remove an organ, treat cancer or treat traumatic or life-threatening injuries.