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Hematology (blood diseases)

Blood helps the body function properly. Hematology is the branch of medicine that treats cancerous and noncancerous conditions that affect the blood cells, platelets and bone marrow. You might need hematology services if you experience heavy bleeding or dizziness, or if you bruise easily.

Hematologists are doctors who specialize in treating blood disorders in children and adults. They often work with cancer specialists to treat cancers of the blood. PeaceHealth offers a full range of treatments to support your needs.

Hematology at PeaceHealth

Convenient care

The specialists at PeaceHealth provide care close to home. With convenient locations, easy scheduling and specialties under one roof, you don’t have to go far to receive quality care. PeaceHealth also provides testing and diagnostics and advanced technologies to treat your condition. On-site infusion suites provide a safe and comfortable place for your treatment.

Seamless, integrated care

Hematology providers at PeaceHealth work with specialists from many areas to design a treatment plan for your needs. They’re part of the cancer care program [Link to Cancer Care page], and work closely with pathology [Link to Pathology page], home care services [Link to Home Care Services] and others, so you can benefit from a dedicated, integrated care team.

Personal attention

At PeaceHealth, your care team draws from many therapies to tailor treatment to your needs. The specialists at PeaceHealth, work together to give you comprehensive care.

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