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Bereavement Services

In your toughest moments, you may need a shoulder to lean on. PeaceHealth offers bereavement services to help comfort and care for you. You might need services, such as grief counseling and support, if you or a family member are dealing with the death of a loved one.

Bereavement counselors and volunteers with special grief counseling training can help. These services are available for PeaceHealth patients, loved ones and the community.

Bereavement services at PeaceHealth

Care for the entire family

Our specialists provide care for PeaceHealth patients, family members and the community — including children. They work to ease grief and help all involved move forward in a positive way.

Help for children dealing with grief

Peacehealth providers work with children of all ages who are grieving. Children have access to support groups and activities to help them work through their grief in a healthy way.

Integrated care

Our providers work with specialists from many areas to design the care plan that is right for you or your family member. They work closely with spiritual care, hospice, behavioral health, senior care and more — you benefit from a dedicated, integrated team.

Treatments Provided

Behavioral health services (palliative care)

To help manage mental health concerns and help cope with pain or stress, your doctor may recommend therapy or relaxation methods.

Community education and outreach (bereavement services)

To support your needs on a wider scale, PeaceHealth offers presentations about bereavement services and other support programs to the community. 

Crisis grief services

Following a traumatic event, PeaceHealth can provide grief support to schools, businesses and community groups.

Expressive art therapies

These programs for adults and children bring together art, music, writing and other expressive activities to help manage a number of conditions including anxiety, shortness of breath and sleep problems.

Grief counseling

To cope with the death of a loved one, individuals and families can receive grief counseling and therapy. Bereavement specialists also provide anticipatory grief support to help  hospice patients and their families prepare for a loved one’s passing.

Memorial services

PeaceHealth offers yearly memorial service events to honor the life of your loved one.

Pediatric bereavement services

Children deal with grief differently than adults. PeaceHealth offers age-appropriate group and individual programs, including support groups, to meet the unique needs of children working through grief. 

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care provides services from a variety of Christian faiths to patients and families. This support includes chaplains, counseling and worship services.

Support groups (bereavement services)

PeaceHealth offers support groups for adults. You can connect with others, share stories and learn coping techniques in a safe and caring environment.