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Gamma Knife Procedure

Gamma knife procedure photo

It’s not a knife at all. Gamma Knife is a technology that noninvasively treats targets in the head with radiation. Gamma Knife treatments are typically given on a single occasion and without general anesthesia. Patients experience minimal or no discomfort and resume normal activities almost immediately. 

The treatment consists of five steps:

  1. Attaching the head frame - Local anesthesia and mild sedation are given to the patient prior to attaching the lightweight frame. The frame prevents movement during imaging and the procedure to ensure the most accurate treatment delivery possible.
  2. Imaging - MRI, CT or angiogram images are captured to locate the targets to treat.
  3. Treatment planning - Sophisticated computer software is used by the doctors to define the treatment areas and determine radiation doses.
  4. Treatment - An exact treatment dosage is carefully administered while the patient lies comfortably and doesn’t feel, see or hear anything unusual.
  5. Removing the head frame - After treatment, the frame is removed; patients are generally monitored for about an hour and then discharged.

Patient Eligibility

Gamma Knife can be used to complement surgery or as an alternative to conventional brain surgery. It’s particularly suited for patients who are unable to tolerate conventional surgery or general anesthesia.

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