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Conditions treated

With decades of experience, our team of experts uses the Gamma Knife to treat a variety of intracranial conditions, including many types of malignant and non-malignant brain tumors: 

Disease​ ​Symptoms
Brain metastases​ ​Headaches that worsen when lying down, balance disturbances, cognitive changes, weakness and/or numbness in arms or legs, and unusual vomiting or vision changes.
Acoustic neuromas​ ​Hearing loss (usually only in one hear), balance disturbances, ringing in ears, headaches and facial problems.
Arteriovenous malformations

​Cerebral hemorrhage, seizures, severe headaches, neurological deficits.

Meningiomas​ ​Headaches, balance disturbances, personality changes, seizures and other symptoms depending on local of tumor.
Pituitary adenomas​ ​Vision loss or double vision, hormonal imbalances, difficulty with eye movements, fatigue.
Pituitary glial tumors​
Trigeminal neuralgia/cluster headaches Intermittent, lancinating facial pain usually involving one side of the face.​
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