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Thoracic Surgery

Since 1992, surgeons practicing at Sacred Heart have performed video-assisted thoracic operations to diagnose and treat heart and lung disease, muscle and nerve disorders, ulcers and other diseases. Thoracic surgeons also recently performed more carotid artery plaque removal procedures here than at any other Oregon hospital, with the number of post-operative complications well below the national average.


Surgeons perform an appendectomy to remove the appendix. Appendicitis causes the inflammation and severe abdominal pain. Surgery is recommended to remove the appendix before it ruptures.

The risks associated with an appendectomy include infection of the abdomen, formation of infected pus tissues and blockage of the intestines.


A mediastinoscopy is the surgical examination of the area in front of the lungs in the upper chest cavity. Using an incision, surgeons can use small instruments to collect tissue for a biopsy.

This tissue can be examined and help determine the cause of lung infections, inflammation and cancer.


This medical procedure is used in several different ways, whether it is to examine the pleural cavity and other parts of the thorax. It can be used to treat a collapsed lung, chest pains like pleurisy or be used for a biopsy.


Used as a surgical treatment of lung cancer, thoracotomies remove all or part of a lung. Surgeons make an incision between ribs, and from there they can remove part(s) of cancerous lungs.

Find out more about thoracotomy.

Learn about potential complications with a thoracotomy.

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