​Colorectal Surgery Guidebook

What To Do Before and After Surgery

To ease stress and to help patients play an active role in their treatment and recovery, patients who undergo colorectal surgery will attend a pre-operative class and receive a guidebook that contains education for each step of the process – before and after surgery.
The book includes check listts of things to do before and after your surgery, self-care instructions, nutrition information, tips to aid in your recovery, trouble-shooting recommendations and important phone numbers.
Families play an important role in care and recovery, and we encourage their participation in the process.

Clinical Pathways: Working Together to Take Care of You

The entire colorectal surgery team – surgeon, nurses and aides, laboratory technician, physical or respiratory therapist, dietitian, and social worker – created a plan of care to make sure they work together to speed recovery.

​Video: Dr. DeHaas and Dr. Vo explain the importance of clinical pathways.

Colorectal Clinical Pathway