Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmacy robot

Intravenous (IV) compounding is where the special IV medicines for patients are created. The medications mixed in this facility are delivered through tubes and needles directly to patients in the hospital.

Compounding medicines is important, precise work. It requires a highly sterile, efficient and safe environment free from interruption and distraction.

Sacred Heart’s compounding facility custom-makes more than 60,000 medications annually. This pharmacy has a tremendous responsibility to ensure the highest possible IV quality. The facility currently serves Sacred Heart Medical Center, Cottage Grove Community Hospital and Sacred Heart’s Home Infusion program.

The compounding facility is also a model of process improvement. Since 2005, reliability has increased from 1 error per 100, or two potentially defective doses per day, to 3.5 errors per 100,000, or two potentially defective doses per year.

In ways as large as a new hospital and as small as a laboratory, staff at Sacred Heart are working every day to improve patient care.

See how IV and pharmaceutical supplies move around the hospital via a pneumatic tube system.