Sometimes doctors need to see more than a still image to diagnose or treat a problem. Fluoroscopy is a test that uses a steady beam of x-rays (like a movie) to look at parts of the body and movement within the body, such as blood moving through a blood vessel. Fluoroscopy also can be used to help find a foreign object in the body, position a needle for a medical procedure, or realign a broken bone. A dye (contrast material) that shows up on fluoroscopy can be put in a vein (IV) or swallowed so vessels or organs show up clearly.

Outpatient Fluoroscopy

Oregon Imaging Centers provide fluoroscopy to outpatients at the RiverBend medical campus in Springfield and at the University District medical campus in Eugene. Click for information about fluoroscopy at Oregon Imaging Centers.

Inpatient Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is used during testing and surgery to detect blood flow through arteries and to view arteries and veins in the head, arms, legs, chest, back or abdomen.