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Steps Toward Weight Loss Surgery

Here are the steps we require as a part of our program:

1. View Informational Seminar

Required First Step This can be done online or In person. Please call us if you have questions or issues getting registered.

2. Confirm your own insurance coverage for weight loss surgery

Please complete this step prior to filling out your application

  • Call the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card(s) and ask, “Does my policy have a Bariatric benefit?” "If so, what is my benefit coverage?"
    If asked, you can give the following codes:

    Diagnosis code (ICD-10): Morbid obesity E66.01
    Procedure codes (CPT): Laparoscopic gastric bypass: 43644, Sleeve gastrectomy: 43775
  • Some insurance plans require your referrals for our clinic to come from your primary care provider. We will work with them to obtain these referrals.

3. Complete PeaceHealth Medical Group Surgery application and mail it to:

    PeaceHealth Medical Group Surgery
    3377 RiverBend Dr.
    Springfield, OR 97477

We process applications in the order received. Processing includes review of medical history and detailed verification of benefits.

Please include a copy of the front and back of your current insurance card(s) or completely fill out the insurance page of the application.

  1. Office Consultation with your Surgeon will be scheduled once your application is processed and approved for insurance coverage
  2. Complete your ordered labs
  3. Schedule evaluation with our psychologist and dietitian
  4. After you have completed the provider evaluations our team will meet to review your progress in our program.
  5. Acceptance into Program: We review each patient after having met with your surgeon, psychologist, and dietitian for readiness to proceed into the program
  6. Complete pre-surgical requirements, including meeting required weight goal, lab work, and/or other diagnostic tests ordered for you by your surgeon. This step and process can take several months
  7. Attend nutrition education classes. These classes will be scheduled once you have met all pre surgery requirements.
  8. Surgery Authorization. Authorization will be initiated after you have attended classes
  9. Schedule your surgery date and all Pre Surgery steps
  10. Pre Operative Class, Office visit and appointment with Anesthesia Clinic for preadmission testing (PAT). This appointment usually occurs directly after your pre-operative appointment with your surgeon. This will usually take half a day.
  11. Surgery

Congratulations! You are now on your way toward a healthier future.​

Follow up Visits- 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and annually.

We consider you a patient of ours following your surgery. We schedule several office visits post operatively and want to see you each year following your surgery. Our goal is to be sure you are continuing on your journey and have different ways we can support you.

Attend Support Groups Immediately! These groups will help support you.