Pain-Blocking Care during Surgery & Childbirth

Anesthesiology is the medical specialty dedicated to helping you feel as little pain as possible during a surgical procedure or childbirth.

There are different types and levels of anesthesia, medicine that blocks pain:

  • General anesthesia makes you unconscious with no awareness of the surgical procedure.
  • Spinal/Epidural anesthesia is the injection of a local anesthetic into the space around your backbone so that the lower half of your body feels numb.
  • Regional anesthesia is the injection of medication near a group of nerves to make an area of your body numb.

You may be awake or sedated with spinal/epidural, regional or local anesthesia.

Professionals who provide anesthesia

Medical professionals who provide anesthesia services include medically trained physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists. They may specialize in certain types of procedures or they may work in specific types of facilities based on their training.

Anesthesia for surgery

If you're having surgery, you won't choose your anesthesia provider, but you can expect to meet your anesthesia provider immediately before the operation.Your anesthesia provider will carefully review your medical history, help prepare you for your procedure, keep you comfortable and be present throughout the procedure to monitor your condition. They will also make sure you have enough pain control at the end of the procedure. Your anesthesia provider and surgeon will work closely together to tailor the anesthetic to best meet your situation.

Anesthesia for Childbirth

If you are having a baby, you can ask for epidural analgesia for pain control during labor. If you plan to get an epidural, you will meet your anesthesia provider, when the timing is right, to discuss options for pain management during your labor and delivery. If a cesarean section is required for the birth of your child, the anesthesia provider will discuss anesthetic options with you, your partner and your OB/GYN and monitor you throughout the procedure.

Anesthesiology at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth Medical Group in Longview has a full team of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists who play this important role in helping patients and surgeons: