Anticoagulation Clinic

Special Care for Patients  on Blood Thinners

For patients who have had heart valve replacement, it is important to slow the blood’s clotting process to avoid blood clots on their valve. Medication given to achieve this is referred to as anticoagulation therapy. These medications do not actually “thin" the blood or keep it from clotting, they simply slow down the process to adjust for a mechanical valve in the heart.

PeaceHealth Medical Group's Anticoagulation Clinic is designed to provide a long-term way of  managing and making the most of a patient's anticoagulation therapy while reducing the risk of bleeding. Patients continue to see their primary-care physicians for all medical care not related to anticoagulation therapy.

Coming for an Appointment

If your doctor refers you to our clinic, here's what you can expect:

Check in at the front desk of the PeaceHealth Medical Group - Musculoskeletal Clinic, located on the 1st floor of our Professional Services building at 1615 Delaware Street. You will be asked to have a seat and then taken back by a nurse into an exam room.

Each 15-minute appointment will include reviewing your current medications, obtaining a finger stick Protime, and adjusting anticoagulation therapy as needed. This immediate feedback on Protime levels, along with education, will help you better control your therapy and limit any potential side effects. Our ongoing education will also include ways to handle side effects, symptoms of toxicity, importance of compliance with medication therapy and coming in for routine checks.

If your values are within the therapeutic range and you are not having any problems, you will be advised to stay on the same dose of Coumadin and be scheduled for your next clinic appointment approximately one month later. Any problems related or unrelated to Coumadin therapy will be discussed with your primary-care provider or a PeaceHealth Medical Group physician for evaluation.

Contact Us:

Anticoagulation Clinic
1615 Delaware St.
Longview, WA  98632
Phone: (360) 414-2730

Foods Can Counteract Medicines

Some foods or vitamin supplements can undo or conflict with medications. If you take blood thinners, talk to your doctor or care provider about eating foods rich in Vitamin K.