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Refer a Patient to Peace Harbor Medical Center’s Infusion Service

To our referring healthcare providers

The Infusion Center at Peace Harbor Medical Center is located within the hospital and offers outpatient access to high-quality infusion services. Staffed by highly trained registered nurses who specialize in complete infusion therapy services, we provide personalized and compassionate care to every patient we see and are committed to minimizing downtime while maximizing comfort. 

We are happy to care for your patient! If you have questions, please call 541-902-6841.

Not a PeaceHealth Medical Group provider?  

Please provide the following information, with the Peace Harbor Infusion Center Intake and Order Form, to the intake coordinator at FAX number 541-902-1649.

  • Recent progress notes from the ordering provider
  • Relevant laboratory results and other supporting documentation
  • Insurance documentation with the authorization number or reference number
  • Complete orders (please use the PeaceHealth-approved paper orders)

To send an order to the Infusion Center and Peace Harbor Medical Center

  1. Locate an infusion order below.
  2. Typical brand names are bracketed for reference. Orders contain preferred products.
  3. Click to open or download the PDF. (Important! Please use either MS Edge or Google Chrome)
  4. Print the PDF and fill in to complete all fields.
  5. FAX the infusion order to 541-902-1649