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PeaceHealth hosts educational webinar on the flexitarian diet

February 11, 2020

You’ve heard of vegetarian, vegan and maybe even pescatarian. How about flexitarian?

Yep. The flexitarian diet is gaining popularity around tables today. If you’re curious to know more, there’s an upcoming online class that will answer what it is, whether it works and how to start adopting it.

PeaceHealth is presenting the free webinar “How a Flexitarian Diet Could Work for You,” from noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 18. Jessy Richards, a PeaceHealth registered dietitian, will be the featured presenter. She will offer insight on:

  • What a flexitarian diet is and how it works.
  • Pros and cons of a flexitarian diet.
  • Easy ways to start adopting a flexitarian diet.

“You might guess from the name that this eating style is a flexible vegetarian diet,” Richards said. “I hope the information in the webinar will inspire people to try more fun, healthy plant-based meals.”

Studies show eating a plant-based diet can make a dramatic difference in our health. In fact, flexitarian and similar eating styles are associated with:

  • Improved hypertension.
  • Better management of diabetes.
  • Lower body weight.
  • Decreased risk for heart disease and cancers.
  • Reduced need for medications.

“One question I’m often asked is ‘where do you get protein on a plant-based diet?’,” noted Richards. “You might be surprised by how many plants have all the protein you need. I’ll cover all of those sources in this session.”

She also likes to point out that this diet isn’t about what you can’t have. “Flexitarians love focusing on what to add instead of what to take away. You can still have some of your favorite meat-based meals. Just flex them up with lots more plants. Get creative. The sky’s the limit.”

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