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Lung Nodule Program

Please watch this informational Lung Nodule Program video.

About the program

PeaceHealth's Lung Nodule Program offers expedited and comprehensive care that is convenient and personalized to patients with lung nodules, utilizing the most up-to-date guidelines. Lung nodules are often identified on imaging studies performed for an unrelated reason. Follow up of incidentally detected lung nodules has the potential to diagnose cancer at early stages when they might be curable. Unfortunately, these nodules are frequently lost to follow-up or are inappropriately followed - representing a significant burden on the healthcare system as well as individual patients.

What we are doing differently

We are pleased to announce that we have instituted protocols to simplify the referral process for our patients and referring physicians with a goal to provide timely and expert consultation. We focus on early diagnosis and management of lung cancer at all stages using a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach.

✔ FACILITATE CARE Comprehensive care using a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach
✔ MITIGATE RISK Ensure patients get appropriate follow-up and reduce the delays to diagnosis & treatment
✔ IMPROVE OUTCOMES Evaluating patients early in their disease process offers an opportunity to better diagnose and treat
✔ SAVE LIVES Promote early stage cancer