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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week will I come to cardiac rehab?

Most patients have one or two appointments per week. We ask that you incorporate exercise training on your own during the other days of the week. If you are limited to certain types of exercise or need more supervised exercise with us, you can be scheduled more frequently.

How long does each session last?

Most sessions will last about an hour. However, when you are scheduled to see the dietitian or to begin our educational seminars, your session may be longer.

What do I bring to my first session?

For your first session you should bring a list of your medications. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

How will I know if my health plan will cover cardiac rehab?

Most insurance carriers cover outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (Phase II). We will preauthorize your participation prior to your first visit. If you are concerned about coverage, please call your health plan and inquire about your policy and its coverage for cardiac rehab.

The supervised exercise program is self-pay, as most insurance companies do not cover ongoing cardiac rehabilitation services. The fee is nominal.