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Admission Criteria

Prior to admission to the Oregon Rehabilitation Center (ORC), an admission coordinator or rehab physician evaluates each patient. To be admitted to the rehab unit, patients must:

  • Be medically stable
  • Require the services of a rehab physician
  • Require round-the-clock rehab nursing (24 hours a day)
  • Be able to tolerate and benefit from at least three hours of therapy services daily
  • A plan for discharge after rehab, including destination and available assistance (if necessary), is considered in making the admission decision.
  • Be Rancho Level 5 or above for Brain Injury patients.
  • Not require a ventilator for Spinal Cord Injury patients.

Please call the ORC admissions office for assistance in determining whether a patient meets the criteria.

ORC Admissions Coordinator: 554-222-5435

The ORC accepts patients by physician referral and provides services without regard to age, sex, color, national origin, creed or disability.