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Heart Care at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center

PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center in Florence, Oregon
400 Ninth St.
Florence, OR 97439

PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center provides Cardiac Services and is equipped and staffed to handle a variety of heart emergencies. Trained staff provide EKGs, nuclear medicine-enhanced cardiac stress tests, and echocardiograms. Cardiology consultations are available locally by appointment, with visiting specialists from the Eugene area. Live consultations with board certified nuclear medicine physicians and cardiologists located in Eugene are available to review scans of your heart using our interconnected computer systems.

PeaceHealth Siuslaw Region’s comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a medically supervised program. It offers a clinical evaluation, individually prescribed exercise program, risk factor assessment, lifestyle modification, cardiac education and dietary counseling. It is designed to limit the physiological and psychological effects of cardiac events while reducing the risk for sudden death, reinfarction or further development of cardiac disease. Our goal is to improve both the psychosocial and vocational status of our patients while reducing future cardiac events and hospitalizations.


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