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Patient Stories

Ross Boice

Double Knee Replacement Patient

Replacing a joint that causes chronic pain can be a life-changing experience. But don't take our word for it. Listen to the story of Ross Boice of Everson, Washington.

Ross Boice played professional football, coached high school sports, and was an avid golfer and active grandpa. When knee pain from osteoarthritis sidelined him, Boice was no longer able to participate in most of the activities that he enjoyed. Without exercise, his activity level slowed immensely, causing him to gain weight.

Boice's condition, which affected both knees, would cause his knees to swell and throb at the end of the day. Like others who suffer from joint pain, Boice took medication to prevent swelling and ease the discomfort. When the pain would no longer respond to these treatments, Boice took the advice of two friends – who had previously undergone joint replacement surgery and wished they'd done it sooner – and contacted the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Joint Replacement Center.

“The whole process is just the best thing I could have ever done. My advice to you is if you're thinking about it, do it. I'm serious – it's one of those things you will never regret after you've done it. I believe I'm getting stronger every day and now I can get on and enjoy the rest of my life. I have no regrets and it feels good to be back,” said Boice.

Ross Boice Testimonial

Valerie Mossman

Double Hip Replacement Patient

Valerie Mossman of Lynden, Washington, likes to stay active and healthy. She was a nurse for 45 years and loves to travel the world with her husband. When constant hip pain from osteoarthritis started to slow her down, she decided to have both of her hips replaced at our Joint Replacement Center.

“The program offered at PeaceHealth St. Joseph is so much better than when I was a nurse. They prepare you for the surgery ahead of time, and then you get to recover alongside the others who have just had their surgery. It's really a neat experience. I'm so glad we have this level of healthcare, right here in Bellingham.”

Valerie Mossman Testimonial