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Volunteer at Southwest Medical Center

Are you ready to become a volunteer?

Learn about the process and download an application

Volunteers have an important role in helping PeaceHealth Southwest serve you and your family. Our volunteers are special people who choose to give their time, talents and energy to improve the lives of others.

Volunteers assist in nearly every area of the medical center. They are often the first face you see when you enter the hospital.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, you’re sure to find the perfect way to fill your time - and your heart.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteer Services is a highly structured program, with an average of 350 active, dedicated volunteers providing excellent service to our staff, patients, and guests. Adult, Junior and Community volunteers donate over 70,000 hours per year. Volunteers typically serve one four-hour shift per week.

Volunteers provide service throughout PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center including our Gift Shop, Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units, Surgery Waiting Rooms, Medical and Surgical Nursing Units, the Kearney Breast Care Center, Outpatient Infusion Oncology, and Information/Reception Desks. Among our newer volunteer programs are an Activity Cart for patients, the post-operative Joint Journey program and a position in the Emergency Department interacting and assisting patients while they are waiting in triage. PeaceHealth Southwest also has very talented musicians who volunteer their time playing the grand piano in the Angelo Lobby as well as their own instruments.

In addition to our volunteers in the hospital and clinics, we are fortunate to have Community Volunteers who knit, crochet and sew various projects such as comfort quilts, baby hats and baby blankets. Please check with the Volunteer Office with questions about what type of yarn and fabric is requested.

Are you ready to become a volunteer at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center? Please follow these simple steps to begin the process!

  1. Download an Adult or a Youth Application (14-18 high school student), call 360-514 - 2035 or come by the hospital to pick one up. We will contact you via email when you return your application prior to the next orientation.
  2. Review the background screening document. This is a complete packet with all disclosures if you would like to review. The first page is included in the application packets.
  3. Attend New Volunteer Orientation. Orientations are held monthly and are about 2 hours in length.
    Vaccination records will be reviewed by Employee Health and an appointment will be set for a blood draw to screen for TB. Training date(s) will be scheduled with a PeaceHealth Southwest professional.
  4. Start volunteering!

Ways to Submit your application (it is a double sided form so complete both sides)

  • Email:
  • Mail: P.O. Box 1600, Vancouver, WA 98668: Attention Volunteer Services
  • Drop Off your Application at Volunteer Office: 92nd Ave. entrance Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm.

Call us at (360) 514 - 2035 if you have any questions.

We look forward to having you join our family of volunteers!

Community Volunteers

Community volunteers are the only volunteers that are not required to attend formal training. These volunteers bless hospice patients and families with donations of quilts, pillowcases and other beautiful gifts.

Hospice Southwest:

  • Quilts: Comfort Quilts are needed for Ray Hickey Hospice House patients and their families. Quilts measure approximately 60 x 90 inches and can be any color, pattern or design. Lap quilts are accepted for in-home respite patients. All quilts must be unused. Donated quilts can be dropped off at 5400 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 200, Vancouver, WA. Please call Volunteer Services (360) 696-5100 to schedule a drop-off time.
  • Pillowcases: Every Veteran on Hospice Southwest receives a patriotic pillowcase and certificate upon admission as a show of gratitude for their service to our country.

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center:

  • Comfort Quilts
  • Baby Hats & Blankets
  • Bonding Squares for the babies in the Holtzman Twins Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Adult Hats & Lap Blankets
  • Prayer Shawls
  • Heart Pillows for Chaplain Services

For information regarding volunteer opportunities we encourage you to call:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Wondering where you can offer your services as a PeaceHealth Southwest Volunteer?

The following is a sample of volunteer opportunities:

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at PeaceHealth Southwest offers a variety of ever changing merchandise for our patients, guests and caregivers. It is an all-volunteer staff and is open 7 days a week when volunteers are available. Proceeds from sales in the Gift Shop benefit some of the most vulnerable in our community by funding temporary accommodations at Share House for patients who need post-discharge care, but have nowhere safe to go while they recover. Through this partnership with Share House, we are able to provide one male respite room and one female/family respite room for patients for up to 30 days. The patients also receive assistance with meals, showers, and possible long-term housing solutions.

Critical Care Reception Desk

The Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Units are locked units. This means access is restricted for patient safety due to the critical nature of the illness or injury. As a volunteer at these critical department reception desks, you will help facilitate communication between nursing staff and family members as well as provide comfort during what may be the most difficult time for many loved ones experience.

Outpatient Infusion Oncology & the Kearney Breast Care Center

These outpatient clinics serve patients during difficult times while providing care in a loving and encouraging environment. Many of the duties in these clinics have direct patient contact and support for the clinical staff. These clinics utilize volunteers during weekdays; morning and afternoon shifts.

Lobby Information Desks

There are three main entrances to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. If you are familiar with our facility, you'll know it is a large medical center. Volunteers help direct patients to outpatient appointments, help family members to patient rooms and assist in discharging patients.

Surgery Information Desk

PeaceHealth Southwest has a very busy surgery schedule Monday through Friday. Both scheduled surgeries and "add-ons," or unexpected surgeries make for an ever-changing waiting area and patient experience. Volunteers assist in communication between families, nurses and surgeons.

Joint Journey Post-Operative Program

The post-operative Joint Journey post-operative program is a new extension to the successful Joint Journey pre-operative program. Our volunteers interact with the patients, their coaches, the nurses and physical therapists in reaching post-operative goals to prepare them for going home.

Nursing Units / Emergency Department

Volunteers assist caregivers on our medical / surgical units and in theEmergency Department by providing support services such as stocking rooms, readying rooms for the next patient, keeping areas clean and providing patient support when appropriate.

Activity Cart

The Activity Cart is another new program at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Volunteers bring the cart from unit to unit as well as waiting areas to provide various activities for patients and guests. The Activity Cart is stocked with a multitude of activities such as crosswords, word search, colored pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books for adults and children, reading glasses, handmade hats, note cards, magazines and books. All items have been donated by the generous caregivers at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

This is just an example of volunteer opportunities; not all assignments are open, but we do our best to fit our volunteer's interests with open assignments.

Have an idea? Let us know!

Hospice Volunteer Opportunities

Hospice Southwest Volunteers

Hospice Southwest provides comfort and support to people who are dying, and to their loved ones. There are many volunteer opportunities to provide hours of meaningful service with families and staff, and in bereavement services at Hospice Southwest.

PeaceHealth Hospice Southwest provides comfort and support to people who are dying, and to their loved ones. There are many volunteer opportunities to provide hours of meaningful service with families and staff, and in bereavement services.

The question is, “What do you want to do for Hospice?” As a program, we try to match your interests with the people we serve. All prospective volunteers must complete a phone interview, application, two background checks, two reference checks, 13-20 hours of initial training, a 1-on-1 interview, as well as role-specific training. Trainings are scheduled throughout the year.

Hospice In-Home Volunteers

Hospice Southwest volunteers are part of the hospice team that provides in-home respite up to four hours, once a week. With the opportunity for respite, families and/or caregivers are able to maintain a healthier balance, thus enabling them to better serve their loved ones.

  • Respite volunteers relieve the caregiver 3-4 hours, 1x/week, so they may run errands, shop, go to an appointment, etc. Tasks may include but are not limited to ambulating, toileting, light housekeeping, meal preparation, reading, playing cards or games, running errands, etc. Volunteers provide a calming presence, lending safety, support and security for patients.
  • Friendly visits to patients in private residence, adult foster homes, assisted living and nursing homes; needs may include reading to patient, playing cards, writing letters, sitting with patient and listening

Ray Hickey Hospice House Volunteers (Vancouver) 

The Ray Hickey Hospice House is a 24-hour care facility built in 2004 solely from donations with 20 private rooms.

Ray Hickey Hospice House Volunteers (Longview)

The Richard Nau Hospice House is a 24-hour care facility with 12 private rooms.

Ray Hickey Hospice House staff is dedicated to support and comfort every patient’s unique journey, and to support them on the path they choose.

  • Patient Care Volunteers:  Volunteers supplement the CNA’s for a 4-hour shift, once a week, to provide support for patients and their families. Duties include: Providing comfort tasks such as standby assist with commode or bathing, preparing a meal, taking patients on walks within the RHHH and/or internal garden, reading, writing letters, friendly visits, cleaning the kitchen, laundry, etc. Volunteers must obtain a Food Handler’s Card through the Clark County Public Health.
  • Reception Desk Volunteers:  Volunteers answer phones, take messages, greet and direct visitors, and other tasks as needed. This is a 1x weekly, 4-hour shift with the opportunity to also be on-call.

Bereavement Support Volunteers

The Mission of Hope Bereavement Services is to provide support to individuals, families and children as they work through their grief process and find healing.

Bereavement volunteers have the opportunity to support community members grieving the death of a loved one.

  • Stepping Stones: Volunteers attend a specific training to co-facilitate a children's group that works with families after a death of a love one. Two of these groups are scheduled two evenings a month and require a one-year commitment. In addition, there are 10 consecutive week overflow groups implemented as needed.
  • Bereavement Phone Support: Volunteers provide active listening and supportive skills to families and/or friends following the death of a loved one. These calls are made at two and six months after the death.

For information regarding volunteer opportunities we encourage you to call: