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At your fingertips: 5 things you can do in My PeaceHealth

| Healthy You

Woman checks medicine bottle as she works on laptop

Waiting for test results? You can use My PeaceHealth for that and much more.

Have you tried using My PeaceHealth?

It's our free patient portal. This tool gives you easy access to all your medical records, test results and more. My PeaceHealth is designed with your needs in mind. 

Here are just 5 of the many things you can do in My PeaceHealth:

  1. View test results: Have you recently had blood or urine samples taken? Or did you have an x-ray or other imaging study? You can see results from those tests in My PeaceHealth. Most results are posted for you as soon as they are ready. 
  2. Review your medical history: Are you trying to recall when you had a surgery, procedure or shot? Can’t remember when you started a new medication? If they were done at PeaceHealth you can find these and other medical history in My PeaceHealth. It’s a handy place to review past appointments, vital statistics and other details that can help you plan for what you need next.
  3. Communicate with your provider: You can use the secure messaging feature to send your healthcare provider a non-urgent question or concern. Your provider or the office team will reply to your message via My PeaceHealth. This can save you time and give you peace of mind. 
  4. Update personal information: Have you moved? Or did your insurance change? You can update these and other parts of your personal information in My PeaceHealth. This keeps you and your provider in sync. It also ensures that clinic communication or billing statements go to the right place.
  5. Ask a billing question: My PeaceHealth lets you send questions to members of our team who can help you with billing questions. You can also use it to make a payment.  

If you haven't already enrolled in My PeaceHealth yet, signing up takes just 10 minutes and it's free to join.

If you’re already signed up, explore the menu and learn about features that may be useful to you.