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Support Outpatient Palliative Care


A heartfelt thank you for making outpatient palliative care a reality in Whatcom County

In the summer of 2018, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation launched a $2.5 million campaign to bring outpatient palliative care to Whatcom County. We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to you and other generous donors, we have successfully completed the campaign and secured the first five years of operational funding for the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Outpatient Palliative Care program.

This program that you have helped us to create is truly thriving. The patients currently receiving care report less pain, fewer troubling symptoms and increased enjoyment of life. They are much less likely to seek help at the emergency room now than prior to having access to consistent medical supervision as well as spiritual, emotional and practical support. The outpatient palliative care team served over 328 patients and families in the first two years of the program, far exceeding initial goals and projections.

This amazing success confirms the desperate need that seriously ill patients have for skilled, compassionate, holistic care and speaks to the ability of our palliative care team to grow the program as demand increases. PeaceHealth has committed to support the outpatient palliative care beyond the five-year Foundation and community investment, ensuring that holistic care for chronically and seriously ill patients will remain available here in Whatcom County for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for joining us in supporting meaningful, individualized outpatient care for chronically and seriously ill patients and their loved ones. Although the initial campaign is complete, donations to help fund the ongoing program are gratefully accepted. Thank you!


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Thank you for helping us care for our community!