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Southwest Medical Center Foundation

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Healthier Communities Thanks to You

As a non-profit hospital, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center’s priorities extend well beyond the walls of our facility; we value your health, your family’s well-being and the future of this community.

PeaceHealth Southwest is so much more than a hospital. We are a leader in Clark County, partnering with others to build programs that address critical concerns in our community, including homelessness, food insecurity, mental health and more.

We do this with the help of our philanthropic partners like you. Every gift is a treasure. Every dollar counts. Thank you.


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Support the Southwest Medical Center Foundation

Give Online

Your support of the foundation helps to ensure our continued ability to care for patients in this time of unprecedented need.

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Honor Excellent Care

You can choose to honor a special physician, nurse, or caregiver who made a positive impact on your patient experience or that of a loved one.

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Planned Giving

When you include PeaceHealth Foundations in your estate plan, your generosity supports good health, prevention and community well-being. 

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Foundation Staff

Board of Directors


Candace Young, Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical Psychologist

Candace Young, Ph.D.

President, Clinical Psychologist
Rick Takach, Secretary, Vesta Hospitality

Rick Takach

Vice-President, Vesta Hospitality
Janis Wyatt, Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer

Janis Wyatt

Director, Community Volunteer
Greg Seifert, Treasurer, Community Volunteer

Greg Seifert

Treasurer, Community Volunteer
Tom Young, Past President, Blakemore Holdings, Inc.

Tom Young

Director Emeritus, Blakemore Holdings, Inc.
Reiersgaard, John

John Reiersgaard

Silhouette of a person's head and shoulders

Ivy Timpe

Community Volunteer
Melanie Fain

Melanie Fain

Retired PeaceHealth Southwest Neonatal ICU Nurse Manager
Joe Kortum

Joe Kortum

Retired PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center CEO



Brett Bryant, Director Emeritus, Midwest Trust Company

Brett Bryant

Director Emeritus, Midwest Trust Company
Ron Prill, President, Community Volunteer

Ron Prill

Past President, Community Volunteer
Joan Cavanagh, Community Volunteer

Joan Cavanagh

Community Volunteer
Kathy Corwin, Corwin Beverage Company

Kathy Corwin

Corwin Beverage Company
Leslie Durst, Community Volunteer

Leslie Durst

Community Volunteer
Stan Freidberg, M.D., Director Emeritus, Retired Cardiologist

Stan Freidberg, M.D.

Director Emeritus, Retired Cardiologist
T. Randall Grove, Director Emeritus, Landerholm, P.S.

T. Randall Grove

Director Emeritus, Landerholm, P.S.
Jo Marie Hansen, Community Volunteer

Jo Marie Hansen

Community Volunteer
T. David Hayes, M.D., Retired Orthopedic Surgeon

T. David Hayes, M.D.

Retired Orthopedic Surgeon
Dorothy Jackson, Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer

Dorothy Jackson

Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer
Connie Kearney, Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer

Connie Kearney

Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer
Janet Keeney, Community Volunteer

Janet Keeney

Community Volunteer
Patty Keller, Community Volunteer

Patty Keller

Community Volunteer
Silhouette of a person's head and shoulders

Keith Knight

Christenson Electric
Greg Kubicek, Holt Group

Greg Kubicek

Holt Group
Ray Maly, Community Volunteer

Ray Maly

Community Volunteer
Mark Martel, Martel Wealth Advisors

Mark Martel

Martel Wealth Advisors
Jim Martin, Director Emeritus, Retired, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Jim Martin

Director Emeritus, Retired, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Dan Monaghan, CPA, Greear Kramer Monaghan

Dan Monaghan, CPA

Greear Kramer Monaghan
David Nierenberg, Nierenberg Investment Management Co.

David Nierenberg

Nierenberg Investment Management Co.
Risa Olsen, Community Volunteer

Risa Olsen

Secretary, Community Volunteer
Sandford Plant, M.D., Retired Medical Director of Hospice

Sandford Plant, M.D.

Retired Medical Director of Hospice
David Ruiz, M.D., Family Medicine of Southwest Washington

David Ruiz, M.D.

Family Medicine of Southwest Washington
Sally Schaefer, Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer

Sally Schaefer

Director Emeritus, Community Volunteer