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We’re a mighty force for good—and we’re stronger together

Support PeaceHealth through philanthropy and create a brighter tomorrow! By supporting PeaceHealth through philanthropy, you can do something beyond our everyday efforts to strengthen the lasting impact of PeaceHealth within the community we love.

The Helping Hands Fund

Since 2021, the Helping Hands Fund has distributed more than $275K, providing nearly 200 caregivers  with essential financial assistance in the event of emergencies such as residential fires, floods, serious illnesses, accidents, or any other incident causing loss of income or unexpected expenses.

You can make a mighty difference in the lives of your fellow caregivers with your gift to the Helping Hands Fund.

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The Helping Hands Fund exemplifies who we are at PeaceHealth—a unified team, committed to caring for each other in the same way we care for our community.

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The Helping Hands Fund is available to compassionately assist any caregiver in the PeaceHealth system.

Your Impact: Caregivers Share Their Stories

Read the stories of just two of the PeaceHealth caregivers who have received support from The Helping Hands Fund. 
To protect their anonymity, caregiver names have been changed.

Flooding Left Katie’s Home in Ruins.

After having been evacuated from her home due to the recent flooding in her community, Katie was devastated to return and find everything she owned in ruins. While total estimates were not yet determined, Katie guessed that they had lost over $10,000 in damage to the home as well as lost property, including tools, food, furniture, and personal items. Unfortunately, as with most insurance policies, flood coverage was not included in her home insurance policy, and she feared she would be completely without help.  So, it was an immense relief to hear that the Helping Hand Fund offered through PeaceHealth had quickly added additional Funds to assist flooding affected employees and was even more comforted to hear she could get $5,000 in assistance, as she never expected so much aid. She is now receiving help to cover her temporary housing, as well as assistance in replacing her individual property while her home gets repaired. Katie could not be more grateful for the relief that she was given.

A Falling Tree and Medical Bills Created a Perfect Storm for Naomi.

Naomi called The Helping Hand Fund after a tree fell on her home, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. While timing is never good for this to occur, it coincided with her husband recovering from COVID-19 while simultaneously in need of unrelated back surgery before he could return to work. As they scrambled to find a way to cover these extra expenses, they found that their Home Insurance would luckily cover most of the damage to the house, although the payments would be delayed, and they would need to pay the deductible. Naomi’s husband had applied for Short-Term disability for his medical issues, but those payments would also be delayed, and less than he had been bringing in for work. Often time these emergencies can build and cause a ripple effect, putting households in financial jeopardy, so Naomi was extremely grateful that the Helping Hand Fund offered by PeaceHealth could help them stay steady during this challenging time. In addition, Naomi was relieved to connect with a financial coach during the application process who talked through tips for the next few months and provided suggestions and tools for her specific financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Care Squad?

The Care SQUAD employee giving program is an opportunity for caregivers to easily donate and help strengthen the lasting impact of PeaceHealth within the community we love. The “Care Squad” is what we’re calling the team of PeaceHealth caregivers who take part in the Caregiver Campaign by financially contributing to one of PeaceHealth’s Foundations:

  • St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation – raises money for St. Joseph Medical Center, United General Medical Center and Whatcom Hospice
  • Ketchikan Medical Center Foundation
  • Southwest Medical Center Foundation
  • St. John Medical Center Foundation
  • Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation
  • Peace Harbor Medical Center Foundation
  • PeaceHealth Foundation – raises money for global PeaceHealth Funds, i.e. the Helping Hands Fund
How Do I Make a Gift?

Give online by clicking the donate button – or – you can download a printable donation form and mail it along with your donation to:

PeaceHealth Foundations
ATTN: Foundation Accounting
PO Box 1600
Vancouver, WA 98668

What Donation Options Do I Have?

Payroll deduction, credit card, cash or check.

Is My Donation Tax-Deductible?

Yes! Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

What If I Already Have a Payroll Deduction Set Up?

Thank you for your ongoing support! If you have a current Foundation payroll deduction scheduled, filling out and submitting a gift online through this website will replace it. If you prefer to maintain your current level of giving and current fund selection, no reply is needed. Thank you!

If I Set Up a Payroll Deduction, Can I Change or Cancel It Later?

Certainly. You may change or cancel your ongoing payroll donation at any time by contacting the Foundation (see list of contacts at the bottom of this FAQ). 

Can I Give to More Than One Fund?

Yes! You can make separate one-time gifts to as many funds as you like, and you can establish a payroll donation for up to two funds with your gift of $5 or more to each fund.

What is the Helping Hands Fund?

The Helping Hands Fund is available to compassionately assist PeaceHealth caregivers and their families in need of emergency financial help, acting as the first line of defense to help them through unanticipated hardship or catastrophic events.

Administered by Save First Financial Wellness, the established Helping Hands Fund will provide broad financial assistance to caregivers who are facing a crisis or emergency such as death (immediate family), residential fire, flood, serious illness, accident, or any other event causing loss of wages or unexpected expenses, which may include:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utilities (includes electricity, water/sewer, gas, garbage)
  • Phone bills (includes bundled cable/internet/cell pkgs)
  • Essential repairs to a vehicle required for commuting
  • Car insurance
  • Car payment
  • Dental
  • Funeral expenses (immediate family: Partner/spouse, children, parents of caregiver)

Established during the 2021 Hero Squad Caregiver Campaign, the fund has provided more than $275,000 in essential assistance to close to 200 PeaceHealth caregivers and their families – a shining example of how we care for one another.

For information about how to apply for assistance, please visit the Save First website.

How Can I Help?

Help spread the word! Reach out to your fellow caregivers and encourage them to join the Care Squad.

Who Can I Contact For More Information?

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your local foundation:

  • Ketchikan – Alisha Welch, 907-228-8300, ext. 7037,
  • St. Joseph – Tricia Head, 360-788-6850,
  • United General – Tricia Head, 360-788-6850,
  • Cottage Grove – Erika Swanson, 541-686-6456,
  • Sacred Heart – Kimberly Johannsen, 541-222-7107,
  • Peace Harbor – Missy Thomas, 541-902-6589,
  • Southwest – Tara Dodd, 360-514-3106,
  • St. John – Brittney Raynor, 360-414-7900,
  • Shared Services – Kelle Schalin, 541-452-3541,

Join the Care Squad

And help PeaceHealth create a brighter tomorrow!

 Thank you to our contributing community partner! 

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