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Program Schedule

Clinical Pastoral Education Schedule

Half-Time Unit starts early October
Half-Time Unit ends early March

  • Applications accepted through June 30
  • Application review completed by July 15
  • Acceptance letters sent out August 16

Full-Time Unit starts early June
Full-Time Unit ends early August

  • Applications accepted from January 1 through March 1
  • Application review completed by March 15
  • Decisions made by April 1
  • Acceptance letters sent out May 16

Clinical Pastoral Education Schedule for PeaceHealth Southwest

Half-Time Unit starts mid-October, early November and ends mid-March, early April (22 weeks)

Full-Time Unit starts early June and ends mid-August (11 weeks)
Applications for both programs are accepted on a rolling basis, with decisions made and acceptance letters sent two months prior to the start date.


CPE Program Components

In addition to providing direct spiritual care to patients, families, and staff, and sharing on-call responsibilities, the following are standard components of a CPE unit:

  • Direct ministry: Students work with patients, families, and staff.
  • On-call responsibilities: Students share 24-hour emergency response throughout the hospital, including evenings and weekends.
  • Peer group work: Students participate in verbatim seminars, theological reflection, and interpersonal group meetings.
  • Clinical supervision: Students receive group and individual supervision in all areas of training.
  • Didactic seminars: Presentations are offered on selected issues relating to ministry and hospital chaplaincy.
  • Reading and papers: Students are expected to do supplemental reading and prepare papers.