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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Affordable Care Act, enacted March 23, 2010, added a new requirement that all nonprofit hospitals conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) in order to maintain their tax-exempt status.

Each hospital must conduct an assessment every three years and adopt an implementation strategy to meet the needs identified. In a system such as PeaceHealth, where we have more than one hospital, each individual hospital must conduct a separate community health needs assessment. 

A Collaborative Effort

At PeaceHealth, one of our core values is collaboration. The Community Health Needs Assessment is a true example of community collaboration. While we are obligated under the Affordable Care Act to submit the document, we do so knowing that successfully addressing the needs identified will be a collaborative effort. We value the involvement, cooperation and creativity of our community partners as we work together to promote the health of our community.

The CHNA identifies areas of greatest health need within our community. Together with our partners, we will work to improve personal and community health, consistent with our mission and values.

The following is list of communities served by PeaceHealth with the CHNA report for each location. CHNA documents are presented in PDF format.


PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center (pdf)


PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center (pdf)
PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center - Florence (pdf)
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, RiverBend - Springfield (pdf)
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District - Eugene (pdf)


PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center - Vancouver (pdf)
PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center - Longview (pdf)
PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center - Bellingham (pdf)
PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center - Friday Harbor (pdf)
PeaceHealth United General Medical Center - Sedro-Woolley (pdf)

For questions or additional information, please contact PeaceHealth's local directors of community health:

Columbia Network: (Southwest, St. John)
Liz Cattin, Director of Community Health,, (360) 414-7496

Northwest Network: (PeaceHealth Ketchikan, PeaceHealth St. Joseph, Peace Island, United General)
Rachel Lucy, Director of Community Health,, (360) 788-6819

Oregon Network: (Cottage Grove, Peace Harbor, Sacred Heart - RiverBend, Sacred Heart - University District)
Susan Blane, Director of Community Health,, (458) 205-6805

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