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Video: Choosing a life jacket to keep your children safe on the water

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Dr. Vik Bhagat and a young helper demonstrate basics on life jackets

Dr. Vik Bhagat, a pediatrician in Ketchikan, shares essentials for finding the best life jacket for kids.

PeaceHealth Medical Group pediatrician Sean Vikram "Vik" Bhagat, MD, shares key tips to keep your children safe on the water.

Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death in children 1-4 years old.

In this video, Dr. Bhagat covers how to pick the right size life jacket for your child, how to inspect it for functionality, and how to appropriately fit the life jacket on your child.

In most states, including Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, the law requires children to wear a life jacket when aboard watercraft.

Properly using an appropriately-sized life jacket will keep your child safe through all your summer water adventures.