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Oregon Network Heritage Celebration Employee Award Recipients

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The award recipients in the Oregon network from the January 2022 PeaceHealth Heritage Celebration. 

Award Categories

  • Respect: There are significant ways that this nomination demonstrates a respect for each individual life in their healing and restoration to wholeness (body, mind, spirit and relationships).
  • Stewardship: There is ample evidence that this nomination demonstrates effective use of resources in care for the environment, finances, time, talents and passion to serve the Mission.
  • Collaboration: This nomination illustrates the effective ways the person creates an atmosphere where collaboration with others takes place to improve personal and community health.
  • Social Justice: The nominee demonstrates a deep commitment to improve the lives of the poor, the vulnerable and others in need by identifying and assisting in the removal of barriers to personal and community wellbeing.


  • Respect: Cassandra Antosz, RN, BSN, COHN-S, system director, Employee Health - Cassandra showed grace and advocacy throughout the pandemic and vaccination clinics; Dianna Pitts, diagnostic technician, PHMG Gateway Urgent Care - Dianna played a key role in setting up a smooth process for drive-up pre-op COVID-19 testing at the clinic.
  • Stewardship: Elizabeth Price, car seat technician - Knowing that lives are riding on the importance of what she does, Elizabeth pays keen attention to every detail, including spotting counterfeit versions of car seats.
  • Collaboration: Jim Cole, emergency management services coordinator - As a certified medical educator, Jim donated his time to provide EMT and Critical Care Transport education during the pandemic when other classes were canceled.
  • Social Justice: Katie Helsing, MRI technologist - Katie used her creativity and influence to uplift a young man who was getting a magnetic resonance image (MRI).

University District

  • Respect: Tina Lundgren, CNA - Tina's easy connection with patients allows for a “therapeutic rapport."
  • Stewardship: Jessica Zarazua, CNA - Jessica jumps into service when she knows she has the skills and time to do so; Nathan Christensen, MD, Ear, Nose & Throat - Dr. Christensen ignored the negative behavior of a hurting and scared patient and focused on taking care of them.
  • Collaboration: Debbie Ulbricht, the environmental services lead - Debbie worked extra hours to prepare the Guest House for caregivers displaced by the 2021 wildfires; Dalene Doney, RN, Home Health & Hospice and Home Infusion - Dalene went above and beyond to ensure care for an infant patient and mother who were displaced from their home; Michelle Toney, lead optician, PeaceHealth Medical Group Oregon Optometry Department and the Optical Shop - Michelle knows how to work in the front office, the back office and the Optical Shop.
  • Social Justice: Paul Wagner, RN, charge nurse Emergency Department - Paul’s passion is providing compassionate care to all patients while also balancing the safety of all caregivers.

Cottage Grove

  • Respect: Michael Miller and Chase Meech, security officers – Michael and Chase provide hope and joy to some of our youngest patients. 
  • Stewardship: Brenda Hensley, RN, charge nurse Emergency Department – Brenda created a "caritas" word-of-the-day calendar to demonstrate her "love for all."
  • Collaboration: Ann Cooley, MD, Dale Stevens, RN and Abbie Jacobs, RN - This Emergency Department team worked together to save a patient's life. 

Peace Harbor

  • Respect: Levi Green, security officer - Levi's caring actions for a vulnerable young patient in a stressful time demonstrate the Value of Respect for individual life.
  • Stewardship: Bruce Brown, RN, Employee Health - Bruce dedicated himself entirely to supporting caregivers, providers and leaders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Collaboration: Tina Wilkinson, RN, and Angie Tucker, RN,  recovery room -  Angie and Tina were amazing collaborators in providing care, stepping up to meet challenges they did not expect to handle when the COVID-19 patient overflow plan went into effect. 
  • Social Justice: Ken Wilkinson, pharmacy technician - An unhoused patient said that what Ken had done for him was the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for him; Lacey Mills, NP, PHMG Family Practice Florence - Lacey's project increased anxiety and depression screening for patients and connected those in need with medication and follow-up referrals.